Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is there a minimum or maximum amount to invest?
    1. For our First Nation partners we have set the minimum investment amount to be $500,000. Maximums on a per project basis.


  1. Are there fees for investment participation?
    1. Fee structures vary for each project investment; all returns are net of fees.


  1. When are the fees payable?
    1. Fees are payable at time of investment


  1. Is there a prospectus for each project?
    1. A separate, detailed prospectus is prepared for each project


  1. When can I see the prospectus?
    1. Upon execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, prospective investors will be provided detailed project information.


  1. How much can I expect my investment to return?
    1. Each project has a distinct expected return; for all of our projects, we plan for a net return of 18% to 22%


  1. How will I realize my investment profit?
    1. Profits are realized at time of sale of Partnership units.


  1. What safeguarding measures are there for my community/organizations funds?
    1. Investment are made according to its prospectus and held in trust by independent legal support of one of Canada’s leading business firms.


  1. What is the structure of the investment?
    1. For each investment, a distinct Limited Partnership [LP] is created. Investors are allocated Partnership Units according to their representative holdings.


  1. Who will I be investing with?
    1. First Nations will have an opportunity to invest with some of Canada’s most successful businesspersons and families.


  1. Are First Nations eligible to invest in these projects?

Each First Nation will have its own Investment Policies that guide its eligible investments.  Please refer to your First Nation or First Nation Trust documentation.


  1. What is Ki’molas role in the project?
    1. Ki’mola facilities and organizes the participation of select First Nation investment into development projects.


  1. How and when will I be updated on the project status?
    1. Quarterly updates will be provided (more if required)


  1. Can I invest in more than one project?
    1. Yes